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Adoption related
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Adoption related

Found 1 March 2002
Search Posted 17 February 2002 (searchable database)
Andrea has been located and reunited with her son John.
Found February 2002
Search Posted 12 June 2001 (searchable database)
Pauline Gale BLACK
DOB: 19 October 1959
I am searching for my daughter born 19 October, 1959 in South London adopted 6 weeks later, adoption finalized in Middlesex County. Her given name at birth was Pauline Gale Black. My name at time of her birth was Rosalind Black She was placed for adoption on 27 November, 1959. in Knightsbridge Agency. Adoption finalized in Middlesex County. As far as I know the couple who adopted her were Jewish. The Jewish Board of Guardians (now defunct) were also involved in the adoption.
USA telephone 001 909 307 9944
Found by Searcher February 2002
Search Posted 15 November 2001 (searchable database)
Stephanie J FISHER
DOB: 1956/7
Stephanie J Fisher was 16 years old when she gave birth to a little girl in Nazareth House in Wrexham. She was sent there from the childrens home Scotch Orchard, Lichfield. The father of the little girl was a soldier serving at the armed forces base in Lichfield. The little girl was born on 6th August 1973 then taken to a foster home in Rugeley, she was then adopted at about 6 weeks old to a couple in Sutton Coldfield by the junvenile court.
Concluded 4 February 2002
Started 14 January 2002
Winifred Frances Mary PEARSON (nee BASS)
Graham, now Don (adoptee) called me to say I had been recommended by Mike Finch. Don was looking for his birthmother and whilst talking on the phone with Don I typed in to my disc 'find any Winifred F M any surname' and found one in the right area. I wrote to the lady and it was her. The reunion to take place 10 February 2002. All parties overjoyed to find each other. Winifred has no blood relatives other than the son who was searching and his family.
Concluded 22 January 2002
Denise HALL (natural mother)
This search took practically a year because Social Services in Sheffield would not help the searcher or give her any information other than her mother's maiden name and dob.
dear joan
just a short note to let you know everything is going well. Had a great day on tuesday and mums coming to see me today, im so happy i could burst,thankyou so much for the help you gave me i will always be in your debt. As concerns to social services me and mum want to speak with the solicitor to see where i stand, mums really angry as they told me things that were not true especially due to the fact that she never gave me up and that she came back for me and they refused her of her right..... they forgot to tell me that. Let me know what i can do about this imformation you are sending to the mp. thankyou again lots of love natasha.
Concluded 24 January 2002
Commenced 17 December 2001
Hi, Joan (dated Tuesday, February 05, 2002)
On Saturday I went to meet 2 aunties, 1 uncle and me Nan, not forgetting me brother as well. It was very nerve racking as you can imagine but once there we were non stop chatting. I didn't even make it to bed that night!!! Anyway we are going to meet again in two weeks. This last month has been the best of my life I can't thank you enough.
Thanks Alot

Dear Joan, (dated Thursday, January 24, 2002)
I can't thank you enough for finding my birth family. I'm still in shock. When my Nan phoned me I thought I was going to faint at first. I am over the moon, it was sad to hear that my natural mother died though. It would have been nice to see her and get to know her. Hopefully I should be going to see my Nan soon, can't wait!!!
Thankyou again
Found 27 November 2001
Definite confirmation on 30 November 2001
Joyce* (birthmum)
Joyce* for her adopted son Mike Finch.
Found November 2001
Sandra Smith (adoptee) for her sister Pam Long
Sister (who was adopted) for the Collingbourne family
Found November 2001
Search Posted  October 2000 - Traced by another party
Monica Francis KEENAN
Searcher: Laurence Vincent Keenan - birthson - dob 6 March 1940
Born: Caernarfon, North Wales
Last known address (1949) of Monica was The Cottage, Hollytree Road, Liverpool where she lived with Mary Keenan and James Rimmer. Appears to have disappeared after this. Did she emigrate or return to Ireland?
i would just like to say to all who are searching,you will get there in the end,i am a birth mother and have just traced my son after 26 years, this moment of time my son is not aware that he is adopted,......i am in touch with adoptive parents who have gave me loads of information about my son,but at this stage have yet not told him about me,........i will get to see him but at this stage i do know he is alive, well, and happy, for now that is what i needed to know,........i know i am so near to the day i will meet him, the day i can cuddle him and hold him in my arms to tell him how sorry i am for making the biggest mistake of my life, i will tell you about one lady who is 1 in a million....JOAN ALLAN, this lady gives her time and help up to all joan you are one in a million thanking you lynne............good luck to all
Posted By: lynne (birthmother) on Friday 10th August 2001
Concluded 9 August 2001
Search commenced 26 July 2001
HARRIS Siblings
Sought by adoptee Robert
Bob was seeking his siblings. It was found that one stayed with his mother; a daughter and 2 sons stayed with their father (not his father) and another was adopted. I reunited him with the 3 siblings that stayed with their father. All went well on finding them and they are happily reunited . Have got a great photo of the reunion and they are all very much alike in looks.
Found 6 September 2001
Started search 5 September 2001
Linda Margaret TAYLOR (maiden name)
Adoptee now named Linda searching for birthmum Jill. Actual reunion took place at my home on 14 September. Not a tear in site but loads of laughter and chat.
Mother found 17 June 2001
Father found 19 July 2001
Started search 28 June 2000 - waiting for birth certificate from UK
Adoptee Joy, now living in Canada, asked me to search for her mother first. The only information she had was that Roma came from a good Lancashire family so had nowhere to start really. I did search for the birth of Roma and her brother and sister and found nothing at all so still had no leads. Once she had her birth certificate on early May Bank Holiday 2001 weekend I really got stuck in. I traced her mum that day and then wrote to her. Roma rang me in tears she was so happy. Roma came to the UK in July to meet her family. A couple of weeks later she emailed me and asked me to find her dad - I did that within the hour and spoke to him too. They will be meeting very soon.
Found 21 May 2001
Search Started 16 May 2001
Patricia CLARK
Adoptee Mary searching for mother Patricia. Going very slowly but at least they know where each other is.
Found 10 May 2001
Search Started May 2001
Kimberley Rose OAKLEY (maiden name)
Olivia (adoptee) wanted to find her natural family. I was very cautious about helping as she was only 18 and I hadn't dealt with anyone of such a tender age that was searching. Dave her husband was totally supportive of her search and was there every step of the way. I made contact first with Kimberley's mother as Kim would only be 34 years old and could still be footloose and fancy free. Mrs Oakley was great about it and helped bridge the gap. Kim married the year after Olivia was born and had twins (boy and girl) and 2 other girls. Olivia met her mum and grandmother 2 days later. Kim told of her natural father and that he has a son too. Everything turned out wonderful for all concerned.
Found April 2001
Search Posted 29 January 2001
Helen EVANS - birthmother
Tracy EVANS  - sister
Mother and sister had their names on Birth Link in Scotland waiting to be found
I was born on September 9, 1975 at the Rob Rayston Hospital in the East end of Glasgow, Scotland. I weighed 3.36kg. I was born by C-Section. My birth name was Barbara Evans. My birth mother's name is Helen Evans. She lived with her grandmother, and her two sisters as her mother passed away when she was a baby. Helen's father is unknown to her. Helen also had a daughter that was born about a year before me. She kept that baby and named her Tracy. We have different fathers.
Found April 2001
Search Posted 29 January 2001
Mary Margaret Watson (birthmother)
Thomas William Pierrepont (birthfather)
Mother and father married each other in the December quarter 1964
I was born on 9th June 1964 at Lewisham Hospital. I was called Tina Maria Watson by my birth mother, and put up for adoption via the Phylis Holman Richards Adoption Society who were in West Hill, London. I believe my mother stayed at West Hill whilst pregnant and for a short time after my birth. My mother's name was Margaret Watson, although on my birth certificate she appears as Mary Margaret Watson. She was 18 at the time of my birth, although I do not have a dob for her. My father's name was William Pierrepont, although again on my birth certificate he is shown as Thomas William Pierrepont. He was 17 at the time of my birth. He was a plumber by trade. My mother's address was Tooting - I believe this was a home/hostel and is no longer in existence. Apparently, unusually, my father had lodged a note with Chertsey Court, where my adoption was processed, naming himself as my father.

My adoptive mother, who unfortunately died in 1985, did tell me that she thought my birth mother's origins were from Ireland. She was brought up by an aunt and uncle for a while as her own parents were killed in wartime when she was 5 years old, together with a brother. This, however, did not work out and she spent most of her childhood in The Catholic Children's Society home in London. I have not been able to trace any records from her childhood, other than the address of the home she was at when she had me.
Found 30 March 2001 - concluded within 24 hours
Shaun Patrick PLUNKETT (birthname)
Farida, natural mother to Shaun, contacted me after hearing me on BBC Radio Bristol in March. She asked me for help in tracing her son who was adopted at around one year old. I told her I didn't do adoptee searches. Farida had a court that the adoption went through and an area she believed he was now living. I had my first attempt at seeing if I could do anything with the information I had. I checked the electoral roll for the area he probably still lived the year he became 18 in the hope I could match a date of birth. I managed to find a match and the first and middle names were the same as I expected. Now I was torn as to who to approach, the adoptee of the adoptive parents. What if the adoptee was not aware of being adopted I though then decided I should contact the adoptive parents - I didn't want to cause any friction within the adoptive family. His adoptive mother was very questioning about "why now" and I said she had always been looking but had never had the means to be able to search until now. At this stage the adoptee didn't want contact but Farida is happy to know all about him from the information from his adoptive mum. He is alive, well and happy and that will do for the time being for Farida. One day he may change his mind and he knows where I am if he does.
Found 21 March 2001
Jessica Kay NEIL now STILES
Full birth sister, Amanda, seeking Jessica on behalf of Mum, Dad, 2 brothers and another sister. The best part of this search was that they knew who had adopted Jessica and had a last address for Jessica when she was 15. I could find no trace of the adoptive mum and Jessica living with the adoptive dad. I tried ringing the dad but it was a fax. I eventually faxed him asking if he knew where Jessica was. He rang me half an hour later to say she was with her mother in Australia. I then set about the task of getting a phone number - I rang and rang until I eventually got to her. She will be coming to the UK for her sister's 21st in 2002.
Found 17 March 2001
Search started 11 March 2001
Natalie Mary MAITLAND (maiden name)
Birthmother search for Natalie on behalf of Anthony James Maitland now Paul. Natalie geve birth in Yeovil and Anthony had been placed there too. Located Natalie in Bristol and Anthony (Paul) was here as well - coincidence!!
Found 17 March 2001
Search started 20 February 2001
Evelyn Maud JONES (nee Britton)
Adoptee Margaret (previously Patricia Watson) asked me to carry out a search for her natural mother Evelyn. Because it was a Bristol based search I put a message in my column. Evelyn's sister contacted me to let me know that she had died 5 years ago. I asked if she wanted to know who the searcher was and when I told her it was Evelyn's daughter she was so pleased. Evelyn had been searching for Patricia (Margaret) and had never stopped loving and talking about her. I spoke to Margaret and told her that her mother was one of 11 children and also that she had 8 brothers and sisters. She was totally amazed and overwhelmed - she had gone from her little family - husband and 2 daughters, one cousin and suddenly had this massive new family in front of her.
Found 1 March 2001 - concluded within 24 hours
Search started evening 28 February
Jean Mary COOK (maiden name)
Adoptee Julie, now Lindsey, searching for natural mother phoned me late on 28 February. Went to search the fiche for a marriage next day, found marriage and couple no longer together. Rang what could have been ex-husband - it was him - he then rang Jean. Within an hour Jean was on the phone to me and just after that was talking with her daughter. They met 3 days later and had a wonderful reunion.
Found February
Christine Basson (birthname) - her birthmother located and spoken with the next day.
Found in December and January before the message being placed:
Brent nee Mark Richmond - Birthmother and half sister.
Found 24 January 2001
Search Posted 16 January 2001
Jean Elizabeth WEST (birthmother)
I am looking for my birth mother, her name at the time of my adoption was Jean Elizabeth West. She lived in the Walsgrave area of Coventry. I was born on 16th January 1956 at Newcross Hospital in Wolverhampton. My birth name was Stephen West. I have been searching for a long time and keep coming up a blank. I would be grateful for any information.

Thanks to Joan Allan, who helped my husband locate his birth mother after 25yrs of searching.They have not met yet but have spoken on the telephone, he was able to meet other members of the family. Thanks Joan!
Jackie Price
Found the same day - 12 January 2001
Chris S* - (birthmother)
Unfortunately the birthmother, who had gone on to marry the father, didn't want contact but I was able to pass on a photograph and letter to Wendy from Chris.
Dear Joan,
Just to thankyou for your help and understanding in tracing my birth were very kind and reassuring which i am sure is what makes you so successful in what you do. I am still unsure as what to do next. I had wondered whether to send a final letter back assuring her that i would respect her wishes in not contacting her again but i dont want to cause any upset. I shall be in touch but in the meantime i hope you keep well and carry on with the good work.
Kind regards
Wendy (Worrall).
Mother located by family January 2001
Search Posted : 26 October 2000
Lydia Anne SKINNER (birthmother)
Searcher: Redwood David Skinner - birthson
Adopted son, Redwood David was born 29 Feb 1948 in Cannock, Staffordshire. Birth father possibly RAF Wing Commander - maybe Redwood is a name link.
Found 29 December 2000
Started 27 December 2000
John & Clinton THOMPSON
John and Clinton had been adopted by their paternal grandparents and were believed to be in Aberdeen. Their younger half-sister Louise (that they were not aware of) was looking for them. I made contact with Clinton first via his Gran. He was well chuffed and spoke to his sister and mum within days. As a result of theior reunion I have reunited Louise's aunt with her parents, Clinton's partner with her parents, hot on the trail of Uncle Hughie's estranged children and supporting Clint's friend John in his search for his siblings. Clint calls me Big Mum and John calls me Mum - it is a lovely feeling to have an extended 'family' that look upon me as part of their family.
Found 28 October 2000
Posted 18 October 2000
Grace SULLIVAN (birthmother)
They say you should not suffer through the past. You should be able to wear it like a loose garment, take it off and let it drop. Our sincere thanks go out to Joan Allan, if not for her my husband, Christopher John would be still suffering the past. A very special THANK YOU goes out to Karen Dawson from Winnipeg, MB, Canada. If not for her we would never of known there was a very kind, caring individual out there that was so willing to give so much of themselves to help others. It took all of ten (10) days for Joan Allan to locate my husband's birth mother and family. We placed a message on a website, a message that was read by Karen Dawson in Winnipeg, MB who out of the kindness of her heart made the decision to e-mail us to offer her assistance in our search. It was Karen Dawson who made us aware of Joan Allan. An exchange of e-mails and then on Saturday, October 28, 2000 we received a call from Karen Dawson advising us that Joan Allan was trying to contact us. My husband's birth family was found!! Through out the whole process Joan Allan kept us up to date every step of the way. Individuals such as Joan Allan and Karen Dawson  come along few and far between. During the whole process both Joan Allan and Karen Dawson made themselves available, no matter the time to help us through the ups and downs that is experienced going through the search of finding someone's birth mother and family. Never taking sides, both Joan and Karen were able to help all parties concerned in dealing with the many different emotions that were felt during the whole process. What is so very special about both Joan and Karen is their heart is in the right place and they do what they do for all the right reasons. They both have a caring heart and concern for others. Joan truly understands the importance of ensuring all parties involved are receiving all the emotional support during the whole process. Christopher John and I were especially blessed as we also had Karen Dawson available to assist us whenever our emotions were in turmoil, and given the time difference this was extremely appreciated. It was my intention to hopefully locate my husband's birth mother and family as a Christmas present to my husband. At same time I thought there was no chance of that happening since deep down I thought there is no way they could be found this fast. Then came the call, I was in total shock since I never expected it to happen for Christmas let alone before Christmas and within a ten (10) day period. Since that call on Saturday, October 28, 2000 there has been an exchange of telephone calls, letters and pictures in the process of being exchanged, and a trip over to England in September, 2001. Within this short period of time I have seen a tremendous change in my husband. Our friends have even noticed that he is finally smiling. Something they haven't seen him do until now. Joan Allan has excellent human relations, inter-personal and counseling skills that has played a major role in her being so successful in her searches and putting families together after years of separation. My husband is 49 years old and for the first time in his life he has someone he could call his mother, brother, sister and step-father. It doesn't take long to realize that individuals such as Joan Allan and Karen Dawson are not doing this to put themselves in the lime light but do it because they truly believe in the importance of knowing one's roots. AMAZING is a word I used to discribe Joan Allan and her reponse was that "she was just a house wife". I would like it known that Joan Allan is far more than just a housewife, she's a guardian angel who thinks of others before she thinks of herself. In closing, I would like to express our deepest thanks and appreciation, if not for her we would of never located my husband's birth mother and family. At the same time special thanks need to be said for Karen Dawson who is so willingly extended herself and made contact with us to offer her assistance. Having gone through the search process herself she was willing to assist a stranger who was going through the same process. THANK YOU THANK YOU. Joan Allan, we can't wait for September to arrive and we are able to finally meet you in person also. To Karen Dawson I would like to say let's get together over a cup of coffee. SUCCESS comes when you do what you are doing for all the right reasons. Joan Allan, who has been most successful has proven this over and over, there is no doubt in my mind that she will continue to be most successful.
Love Maggie & Christopher
Maggie Sauve / Christopher John <>
Winnipeg, MB Canada - Thursday, November 16, 2000 at 00:07:01 (EST)

Found October 2000
Search Posted 25 May 2000
Pamela GRANT
I am looking for my birth mother Pamela Grant. I was born as Peter David Grant on 12 January 1967 in Barnet, N.London. Any information gratefully received.  Somebody somewhere must know something.
Found October 2000
Search Posted 23 May 2000
Claire ATTARD - adoptee
Date of birth: 5 November 1975
Place of birth: Pretoria, Republic South Africa
I am searching for birth daughter, birthname : Claire Attard. Claire called the Catholic Womens League agency (RSA) in May 1997. Claire was looking for details on me (birth mother) but left no further telephone number, the called was made from the UK. I have been told by the registrar of adoptions that she does not live in RSA any more and that one of her adoptive parents has also passed on. They have no forwarding address on record.
The search is now concluded and mother and daughter are in contact with each other.
Found 18 October 2000
Search started 10 September
Rita Elizabeth EVANS
Jonathan the adoptee and his daughter Jenni were looking for Rita, Jonathan's mother. Jonathan and Jenni (in New Zealand) sent me all the possible marriages for Rita but somehow I didn't have the feel for any of them. Something told me ot to do anything for a while. Eventually I knew I should write to all of the names on the list and half way through the first letter my brain pinged. I rang Ealing Records Office and ask for a checkon the electoral roll archives for the address on his birth certificate for the year Jonathan was born. I had six family names to work on. I located a possible male family member from my disc and rang. It was Rita's brother. I was given Rita's telephone number and rang her immediately. She was dumbstruck but overjoyed. She had never married but had changed her name and had not had any further children. Jonathan, Jenni and Rita spoke within 2 hours of my phone call. To this day I don't know why I took the path of checking the electoral roll but I now know I would never have found her if I had sent the letters.
Found 17 October 2000
Brenda Anne WHITFIELD (maiden name)
On the 26 September, after having no success in finding my birthparents on my own I decided to contact the professionals, Joan Allan. Joan phoned me a couple of days later and told me that my b/mother had got re-married twice, and that she was searching for her latest name. On the 17 October, Joan phoned me again with the good news that she had found my b/mother and that she wanted to meet me.

An additional surprise was that I had 5 sisters and one brother! (What a shock!). I never even thought that I might have other siblings, and I wasn't the only one adopted out, there was one other who still hasn't been found, but Joan is sorting that one out for my b/mother. I phoned my b/mother on the 24 October and we talked for hours. I even spoke to one of my younger sisters, and another sister (who is dying to speak to me) is going to phone me later. Many thanks to Joan; I couldn't have done it without you! Anna.
Found 25 September 2000
Started 12 June 2000
Sheena L McCALL (maiden name)
Adoptee, now called Claire and living in Canada, asked me to search for Sheena. I eventually made contact via Sheena's mother. Mother and daughter reunited and getting on well.
Found 12 August 2000
Carol CROSBY (maiden name)
Jason (born Jason Mark Crosby) Haden decided he would try to find his natural parents. He found Eddie, his father, first who gave him the background information about Carol, paid for him to go on the contact registers and then put Jason in touch with me. I found a marriage for Carol but she didn't appear to still be with her husband. I got in touch with a gentleman I believed to be the husband and was correct. He informed me that Carol had died in 1998 from liver failure. He agreed to talk to Jason about Carol too. It transpired that Carol was grieving all her days for the son she gave up and had drowned her sorrows in drink, hence the liver failure. He is in touch with his mother's family and they have provided him with photographs and memories. Poor Jason, he must be thinking he could have saved her if he had started the search earlier. My heart goes out to him.
Found August 2000
Ken BAKER (natural father)
A big thank you to Joan Allan for finding my birth father. When I first contacted Joan, I expected it to take years to find him as he has a fairly common name. But much to my amazement, she found him on the second phone call and within 2 weeks!! And now I've discovered I have 2 half brothers too. I spoke to my father, his wife and one of my brothers yesterday for the first time. I still can't believe how easily Joan made contact with them. Thank you so much for helping me and I know you'll continue to make a big difference to hundreds of peoples lives.
Anna Dixon
Cheshire, UK - Monday, November 27, 2000 at 12:54:39 (EST)
Thank you Anna for the wonderful flowers you sent to me. I look forward to receiving photographs of the happy reunion. Love to you all. Father and family and daughter met on January 6th 2001.
Found 24 July 2000
Search started 21 July 2000
Michael (adopted name) from Denmark was searching for his natural mother Angela. I traced her via her brother by using the "I am doing a family tree" introduction. Contact was made with Angela and we agreed a day and time that I would download to her all the correspondence between myself and Michael and the photos I had asked him to send in readiness of me getting in touch with her. Angela's brother had already told me she was on the internet. What Angela couldn't understand was the lack of emotion in his voice but he had become a true Dane after living there so long and had lost the intonation in his speech. He made up for that in his writing to her. Michael was overwhelmed to find he had a brother and a sister - he had always wanted brothers or sisters.

From Michael 25 August 2000
Dear Joan
I really hope you are well, and I think you are proberbly, connecting other people round the world. I must say that you have had a huge impact on my life, and I mean that in a possitive way. From the first day you emailed me, everything wen't very fast. I have had my ups and downs, because it was quite big emotions we got started doing this. I am now avery happy man, who are getting to know my UK roots.

I didn't in my wildest imagination think that my mother would be such a nice persion. She is such a lovely person to speak and write letters with. We have contact nearly every day. She is always in my thoughts. I have at this moment, found out what a huge impact DNA have on people. I look like her, and I think our minds are quite similar.

I can't tell you enough how happy I am about your work. You are truly the greatest!

Thanks Joan
Michael Gibson
Joan. Just an official thanks to say cheers for making the phone call on my behalf to Jamies birth mum. It was a difficult situation and Joan made the contact for me. Jamie's success story will be on the Case Studies soon along with a photo of him and his family. Cheers Joan, you're a star. Glad you're part of my circle of searcher friends!
Bucks UK, UK - Wednesday, July 26, 2000 at 14:49:13 (EDT)
Found 26 June 2000 - Located within 90 minutes
Myra Spencer
Go to Arlene's Story & Photos  click here
Thank you Lookupuk, Family Circle and thank you most of all Joan (Allan). A week ago all I had were 5 names which I believed belonged to my birth mother and her family and no real idea how to find them. Last Saturday I was sent an email by Joan offering help and I eventually managed to avoid the constant busy tone on her phoneline on Sunday afternoon and by Monday night Joan had managed to find Myra my birth mother and I had found a whole family. By Wednesday morning I had Joan telling me that Myra did want to meet me, and now I have had two phone conversations with Myra and we will meet for the first time on Monday. I may have found Myra eventually on my own, but Joan made it happen NOW. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.
Arlene Phillips
Cardiff, UK - Friday, June 30, 2000 at 16:53:25 (EDT)
Found 28 June 2000
Started 6 June 2000
Lynne Norma BROWNE (birthmum)
Catherine (previously Ginette) was searching for her mother and father. We went all around the houses but got there in the end. At one stage I told Catherine I wasn't going to look in England for her mum - I don't even know why I said it but for some reason thought of Canada. Catherine had managed to trace a last address for her grandparents and upon speaking with the current owners was only told that they had gone to the Welsh Borders. I looked at all the Peter Browne's in the UK and picked on an address in Wrexham. When Catherine received Peter's death certificate she rang me up and called me a witch. The address was the one I had said - spooky or what!! The person who registered the death was another relative - Lynne's sister. I rang her and asked if she knew where Lynne was and she said she would contact her later in the day because of time difference. When Catherine contacted her aunt she was told she was in Canada - where I had predicted!! Don't ask me to explain it because I can't.
Found 17 June 2000
Marise SKENE

are you searching for somebody ? you've never ever met
if your feeling alone or scared then come onto the net.
Debbie and Joan will be waiting to summons to your call
they help you every step of the way and pick you up if you fall
don't ever give up looking my friends even if the search is far and wide
speak to debbie and joan and they'll be by your side
their dedication is endless they'll search low and high
and if things become emotional they'll even listen to you cry
don't ever sit around and mope
out there somewhere is always hope
do it now before it's to late
and thanks to debbie and joan for being great mates

norma and iain wilde
yorkshire, UK - Saturday, June 17, 2000 at 09:40:18 (EDT)
Found 17 June 2000
Georgina nee MULLIS
John (born Jack Mullis) asked me to make contact with his natural mother to see if she wished to be reunited. Unfortunately she didn't want this to happen but gave me medical history and information about her current family and the reason behind Jack being placed for adoption.