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Hay Family Reunion
From the old site
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Hay Family Reunion

These are the sisters (clockwise from top) Jean, Anne, Peggy and Betty who had been searching for nearly 40 years for their sister who was placed into care. It was Kim, Betty's daughter, who liaised with me at first.

                                                                                   Kim and her family                 

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In January this year Kim and her mother, Anne, asked for my help in finding their relative (Anne's sister) Alexandra who had been placed in an institution in 1960. At that time Anne and her twin had been abroad for 2 years. It was Anne and her sister that were the primary carers for Alexandra whilst in the UK and after they left their father found it difficult to cope on his own. Alexandra is epileptic and would never reach a mental age of more than 6.

Their father died in 1973 without telling anyone where she was in care. I tried contacting Bristol Area Health Authority because Bristol is where the father had been living up to the time of his death. They intimated that someone similar had gone to Gloucestershire Health Authority Care. I spoke to Glos AHA and they would not confirm nor deny her existence to me so I asked the family in Canada and USA to write to the AHA because they said they would send their letters on to Alexandra's carers.

Four months went by and I contacted the searchers and found no information was given to them at all so they were no wiser as to whether she was alive or dead. A few weeks later I decided I would take a different approach to the search. I thought, although Alexandra would not be on the electoral roll, she must be listed somewhere. I checked another disc I have and found a match. I spoke to the Home where she is and, well, the rest is history. She is alive, has a good quality of life and I have met her and passed to her a picture of her 4 sisters. What annoys me is who gives the Health Authority the right to play God with someone's life and refuse to give knowledge to people who care. They did not forward the letters to the carers. On Alexandra's file it said "next of kin - none". No-one bothered to find out otherwise. In moving Alexandra from home to home her name had got changed from what she originally was known as "Sandra" to the latest home where they call her "Allie". It must have been very confusing for her.

12 October and Anne and Betty arrived in the UK. I met them at the airport and brought them to Gloucestershire to meet their sister 'Sandra' as they called her.
First meeting                                           A few days later

It is so remarkable that through a computer (kind of makes my computer worth every cent) and phone lines that I accidentally happened on the missing persons in the UK site. I was going to leave the site when I thought my Aunt Sandra is in the UK what have I got to lose? Then wonderful,compassionate Joan happened on my posting and asked for more information. You were my crusader an ocean away and never gave up in helping me. What a wonderful gift I was able to give my mother through you. The peace of mind in knowing that Sandra has a good quality of life. She can mail her gifts and letters and hopefully go see her. Thank you so much for helping me. I am hoping I can come up with some money to go with my mom and aunt I would like to meet Sandra/Alex and you!

Luv Kim