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We take no responsibility for other sites that have links on this page. They appear here for information  purposes only.  Please let us know if any of the links don't work.

 Other Sites to place Messages

Another leading site to place messages on.

 Forces Sites

Originally Lost Comms site - newly updated

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

For the USA
 Electoral Roll Archives

Searching for your roots or just friends? Find the library that covers the area in question. Ask for the Electoral Roll Archives to find other family members at the address last known. Find out who was living at a particular address in a given year. You may be charged for the information in some instances.
 Telephone Searches

Brilliant site for searching for lost and loved ones in the UK. Full first name shown plus middle initial if stated. At they publish the whole of the Electoral Roll and also the BT DQ database too. Anyone logging on to the site gets some free searches then is it a minimum amount charged for further research. More than well worth trying if you are stuck because telephone directories only show initials and gives the full first name.

The link to finding, with luck, the people you want to search for in the UK. Only put in the surname because more often than not the female in the family registers the telephone!! You need to be able to give an area to search. There are many instances nowadays where the telephone is ex-directory or on cable. In the UK at the moment no cable numbers can be accessed.

Telephone directories for all around the world. Bear in mind a lot of them only have yellow pages but at least give them a try.
 E-mail Searches
Very useful search engines for finding an email address. Not very up to date - worth trying nevertheless. I, personally, have not found more than one person by this method because people are changing email addresses so very often.

 Overseas Sites
Adoption related searches in Canada.

An Australian site with links and a message board.
Adoption Related - non UK
 Adoption Contact Register for Scotland
Birth Link
Family Care
21 Castle Street
Tel: 0131 225 6441

 Adoption Contact Register for Northern Ireland
The Registrar General
Oxford House
49-55 Chichester Street
Northern Ireland
Tel: 01232 252000
AdOPT is Northern Irelandís self help and support group for all parties involved in an adoption.
 Other Adoption Links

The Public Records Office - you can apply here for your full birth certificate.

British Agencies For Adoption And Fostering (BAAF)

An excellent site to do with Adoption and Fostering - also has news and a message board.

 School Searches

Two sites where you can place messages/search for schoolfriends.


Try placing a message for free with newspapers around the world. I have personally placed messages for free on a number of occasions with good results.
UK Ex-Pats 

A brilliant and humourous site with loads of links. Run by a Brit in America - Arnold Parkinson. If you decide to subscribe to the site tell Arnold that Joan Allan told you about it.
 Send an ECard

Send a card via the internet.
 Embassies Worldwide


Don't know where you are going in the uk? - check this out to find directions, tube maps, etc.

 English & Scottish Food

A UK based company that supplies British Branded Food Products to expatriate customers all over the world.
They can be contacted by email at the following:
fax or phone:
Tel: +44 (0) 1904 422 085
Fax: +44 (0) 1904 422 080