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Debbie and Michel
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Debbie and Michel

Found 4 February 2002
Search began November 2001
Looking for Debbie

January 2003
Dear Joan

I thought I would take the time just to update you on one of your successful
searches, having just got access to the internet to see that you are still using our love story as a testimonial.

I'm Debbie (now 33) with a daughter called Taylor (now 5) who you finally managed to find after Michel Morton contacted you in November 2001, after we had met one evening when he was in Manchester.

Though at this point, you don't need to get the hat or "wig" for the wedding, he did move over to England to live with us last May and very shortly we will be celebrating our 1st Anniversary as a very happy couple, head over heels in love!!

We cant thank you enough for changing our lives, will let you know when the church is booked or you have your first search baby!! Which ever comes first
Once again thank you so very much

Debbie, Michel and Taylor
Michel wrote me a letter saying he was searching for Debbie, no last name not known, aged 31, probably from Manchester, has a daughter Taylor - Michel and Debbie didn't get the opportunity to exchange phone numbers. You would think not a cat in hell's chance of finding this person. See below: Watch this space to see if I need to do a Cilla and buy a hat - they are always too big for my head because I have short hair so maybe I should buy a wig instead!!

From Debbie
Hi Joan, I just want to say thank you to you, for what you do!! Michel called me last night and he is over the moon to have found me, cant believe the lengths that he has gone to, I dont know if youve been involved in all the mullarky he has got up to , but seemingly there has been an ad on the local radio and this week, Im plastered all over teletext!!!!! He really is smitten, I cant believe how far he has gone, but the way he was talking last night, there very well may be an invite winging its way to you!! Weve made arrangements to meet that weekend, so you can know sleep in peace knowing he has stopped mithering you. Once again, thank you very much, and if you ever need a back up for another article, about what you do and your success, dont hesitate to call us!!
Debbie and Taylor!! (Good job I didnt call her something regular!!)

From Debbie
Im glad it wasnt you personally, didnt want to be rude, but I really couldnt remember talking to you!!! and was quite embarrassed, though I do remember Michel, and could only think it could be him, with the info that you had!!, Im really flattered that he has taken so much trouble to try and find me, so with an empty diary for that weekend, I cant see a problem, I will call you later for a chat.
Cheers Debbie

From Joan
Wow, what a turn up for the books. I never thought in a million years I would find you with so little to go on. it's not me personally who is looking for you. I have been asked to find you on behalf of a man, Michel Morton from Ireland. He obviously is very taken by you. Don't forget if it goes well I want an invite!! He will be back at same hotel on 22 February for 3 days and would like to see you again. I have his phone number. Do let me know if you want to meet him and I will ring him to let him know. My phone number is 01454 615031 if you would like to ring me.

From: Deborah Hadfield
Sent: Monday, February 04, 2002
Hi, Joan, I believe from a friend, that you are looking for 3 of us that stayed at the Britannia Hotel in Didsbury in October, I was there with girls from work and have a 4 year old daughter Taylor, my surname is Hadfield, though had had a bit to drink, so could have sounded differently!!!!

No one has found my company so interesting, as to place an advert to find me, Im intrigued to find out what I was talking to you about