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Cath & Aimee

If you need to talk about your search ring
Joan -
 01454 615031
11am to 11pm
7 days a week

Debby -
0870 991 3769

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Cath & Aimee

My search for my daughter took years. Every way I turned there were brick walls. The only person that could kick them down was me, and every time I managed to knock one out of the way another one would appear, built thicker taller and stronger!

I had plenty of offers of help, but those offers were not genuine, a normal wife and mother like me could never afford the thousands of pounds that was on the price tag of these offers. I spoke to people from the Social Services, people who are supposedly there to help, only to find that after pouring out my heart to them they would not be helping me, I was only a birth mother who had her child adopted, I was a waste of their time and didn't deserve any help. That is exactly how I was made to feel, alone and empty- the same feelings that I had felt when my beautiful baby girl was taken from me.

Then I met Debby on the net, I had wished for a fairy god mother and the wish came true, Debby was there for me. Debby did it - there are no words to describe the feeling that i have for Debby, I just thank god for her and for her help, her trust and her genuine understanding, Debby really understood, she was there for me when things were going wrong, and she made that marvellous phone call on a Wednesday morning in May, to ask me if I won anything on the lottery on the Saturday.... when I said no she told me that it didn't matter as I had won it now, as she had confirmation that my daughter had been traced and wanted to see me. Words can not express my thanks for all that Debby has done, and I thank her from the bottom of my heart. Aimee my daughter will be posting a message too to say her own word of thanks...

Debby you are my friend for life - I luv ya big time! Cath.